1. If the crisis is not immediate, it would be good to go to your local police and discuss the situation with them. They have had considerable experience and can be helpful.
  2. Create a "One Page Summary" of the subject, make multiple copies and leave it in the memory of your computer for future use. When you call 911, mention you have a summary you will want to present.
  3. Seek out a strong support group whose members have been through the 5150-Psych Emergency-Hospital Crisis. The link, on the upper left of this page, labeled Support will put you in contact with such a group.

At the Time of the Incident

  1. Try to make the call discreetly so not to further escalate the emotional level.
  2. Once the call is made, find some excuse to go outside and arrange to encounter the police car before they arrive at the house.
  3. As the police car arrives, put you hand up and offer the officer the one page summary.
  4. Verbally explain whatever else seems necessary
  5. Emphasize you want your loved one taken to the Psychiatric Emergency unit at the County Hospital (Contra Costa Regional Medical Center - CCRMC).
  6. It is critically important that you get information on your loved one to the staff at Psych Emergency so they can begin to make a proper evaluation. You can call, fax or e-mail.
  7. The most effective method is to e-mail with the one page summary as an attachment. The Psychiatric Emergency e-mail address is: crisisunit@hsd.cccounty.us.

Phone Numbers

  • Mental Health Advice: 1-888-678-7277

  • Psychiatric Services 4C: 925-370-5389

  • Psychiatric Services 4D: 925-370-5399

  • Psychiatric Emergency Services: 925-646-2800

E-mail: Contra Costa County Crisis Unit

If you are prepared for a 5150 incident and it never happens, then you have lost nothing.
If it happens and you are not prepared, you could lose everything.